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By Thomas J Sienkewicz

ISBN-10: 1587652811

ISBN-13: 9781587652813

ISBN-10: 1587652838

ISBN-13: 9781587652837

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New York: Free Press, 1999. John Buckler See also: Agesilaus II of Sparta; Leuctra, Battle of; Mantinea, Battles of. ; place unknown Category: Government and politics Life Ephialtes of Athens (ehf-ee-AL-teez) remains obscure and controversial. Surviving ancient sources are fragmentary, providing only a bare outline. e. , as a partisan of Pericles, Ephialtes took advantage of the absence of the conservative politician Cimon (then attempting to lend military support to Sparta against an insurrection of helots, or state-owned serfs) in order to “break the aristocracy” by transferring jurisdiction over public magistrates from the Areopagus to the popular courts.

R. Niglutsch) 359 Epaminondas vasion of Laconia, after which he liberated the Messenians, whom Sparta had enslaved for 230 years. Upon his return home, he won easy acquittal of charges of misconduct leveled by jealous rivals, but despite his fame, he never dominated local politics. , he again invaded the Peloponnese, attacked Corinth, and won over several major cities. e. brought him little success. Equally disappointing were his efforts to sponsor with Persia a common peace in Greece. Nonetheless, again with Persian support, he led a naval campaign to win Greek allies in the Aegean.

Oxford, England: Oxford University Press, 2000. Bloom, Harold, ed. Euripides. New York: Chelsea House, 2003. Mendelsohn, Daniel. Gender and the City in Euripides’ Political Plays. New York: Oxford University Press, 2002. , Robert J. Lenardon, and James Marwood. Classical Mythology. 6th ed. New York: Oxford University Press, 2001. Mossman, Judith, ed. Euripides. New York: Oxford University Press, 2003. Nardo, Don, ed. ” New York: Greenhaven Press, 2000. Sullivan, Shirley Darcus. Euripides’ Use of Psychological Terminology.

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