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By Padmasiri De Silva

ISBN-10: 1137287543

ISBN-13: 9781137287540

ISBN-10: 1137287551

ISBN-13: 9781137287557

ISBN-10: 1541701771

ISBN-13: 9781541701779

This ebook, now in its 5th variation, presents a entire creation to Buddhist psychology and counselling, exploring key techniques in psychology and sensible functions in mindfulness-based counselling innovations utilizing Buddhist philosophy of brain, psychology, ethics and contemplative methods.

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During recent times, the concept of ethical realism has brought out interesting linkages between the psychology and the ethics of motivation that we need to integrate into our understanding of motivation concepts in Buddhism. In a study of the psychological foundations of happiness and well-being it has been observed: ‘Human beings are powerfully driven by systems of desire, which become attached to material possessions and social status. 1 As the Buddha observed, ‘To wish for something and not get it is suffering 2 ‘(yam p’ iccham .

2 When one reaches this stage and persists with continuous mindfulness, one is able to contemplate the operations of the mind and finally reach a stage of equanimity from where one directly observes the operations of one’s consciousness. If there were not this satisfaction that comes from the eye, beings would not lust for the eye. But inasmuch as there is satisfaction in the eye, therefore beings lust after it. ‘If misery, brethren, pertained not to the eye beings would not be repelled by the eye.

This introduces a new component of ‘experientialism’ rather than ‘empiricism’, which is based on the practice of mindfulness. Though empirical sciences do not use such a methodology, the product of recent research in neuroscience, such as the neuroplasticity thesis of Davidson and a whole tradition of work on the mindful-brain, has generated a veritable revolution in the relationship between ethics and psychology in Buddhism. This new psychology of ‘experientialism’ (that uses empirical methods where necessary) has brought new frontiers of connection between morality and psychology in Buddhism: Of related ‘neural’ note is the finding of an active role of the middle prefrontal cortex in morality.

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