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By Renee Ambrosek

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Several of the others had come to the United States on fraudulent student visas. In the wake of this attack, k n o w n as 9/11, there was immediate concern about America's immigration policies and the safety of its borders. S. S. government deported him. Following 9/11, the immigration visas of Middle Eastern immigrants were subject to much closer inspection. wary of immigrants in general, and there was a large percentage of the population that began a r g u i n g for more conservative immigration policies.

53 WKW animosity 111 will or resentment that may lead to active hostihty. assimilate To take in or make similar. brain drain The term used for talented, bright, intellectual citizens leaving their homeland to immigrate and add such talent to a new country, r a t h e r t h a n staying and t r y i n g to improve conditions in their homeland. colossus Someone of exceptional s t r e n g t h , power, a n d reputation; a giant. A statue of gigantic size and proportions. deport To send out of the country.

While the Republican Party h a s historically leaned toward policies that support business and capitalism in America, its stance on immigration h a s shifted some in recent years. Although it can be argued that immigration is good for business because it supplies the United States with a larger pool of prospective workers and keeps production costs down, the Republican Party does not support liberal immigration policies. The Republican platform on immigration calls for tougher border control measures and tougher enforcement of c u r r e n t immigration laws in order to deport illegal i m m i g r a n t s .

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