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By Edgar L. Edwards

ISBN-10: 087353297X

ISBN-13: 9780873532976

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Cooperative learning is efficient because it uses the resource of the students’ helping each other; when the teacher is called to give assistance more than one student at a time is helped. In cooperative groups students have opportunities to verbalize mathematics and to work on more challenging problems than they would be able to solve individually.

It is crucial that all students have an opportunity for success in algebra. As discussed in other chapters of this publication, a basic premise for accepting that everyone should succeed in understanding algebraic concepts and complete a course in algebra is the belief that algebra is more than memorizing rules for manipulating symbols and solving prescribed types of problems. Algebra is part of the reasoning process, a problem-solving strategy, and a key to thinking mathematically and to communicating with mathematics.

Discussion gives students a means of articulating aspects of a situation, which, according to Pimm (1987), helps the speaker to clarify thoughts and meanings. Discussion leads to greater understanding. Verbalizing extemalizes the students’ thoughts, makes them public, and provides the teacher with an invaluable tool for assessing students’ understanding of the concepts. Verbalizing emphasizes attention to argument and develops the process of defending convictions. Verbalizing helps develop technical understanding because the descriptive talk and explanations must be worked toward communicating with mathematical terms and symbols.

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