Download PDF by Peter G. Strassman: Alfa Romeo Alfetta Owners Workshop Manual from 1973 to1987.

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By Peter G. Strassman

ISBN-10: 1850104484

ISBN-13: 9781850104483

Книга по обслуживанию и ремонту Alfa Romeo Alfetta. От Haynes. Для маньяков. Которым нужны книжки по ремонту машин, на которых ездили врагиДжеймса Бонда в «Осьминожке». На английском языке вдобавок. И только для четырёхцилиндровых двигателей.

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The level must be maintained between the M I N and M A X levels with the engine cold. 2 At very rare i n t e ~ a l sthe addition of antifreeze mixture may be required. This should be of similar strength t o the original coolant and it should be poured directly into the expansion tank. 3 The need for frequent topping-up can only be due t o a leak i n the system. Chapter 2 Cooling, heating and air conditioning systems 52 Fig. 1 Cooling system layout (Sec 1) 1 2 3 4 5 6 Radiator Electric fan Radiator cap Coolant pump air bleed screw B ypass control valve Thermostat 7 8 9 10 Temperature trensmitter Manifold air bleed screw Coolant temperature gauge Coolant temperature warning Iamp 1 1 Coolant temperature warning lamp switch Fig.

3 Fit the belt by engaging i t in the pulley grooves (photo), then pull the altemator away from the engine and partially tighten the mounting bolts so that the alternator swiiels stiffly on its mountings. Lever the alternator away to further tension the belt and tighten the link bolt. Only lever on the alternator end frame, not on the body. 4 Check the belt deflection under firm thumb pressure at the midpoint of its longest run. 5 in). If i t is not, readjust (photo). 5 When tension is correct, fully tighten the mounting and adjuster link nuts and bolts (photo).

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