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By Phil Barker

ISBN-10: 0850592127

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Для сайта:Мир книг КнигиAirfix journal advisor. those small A5-sized books have been hardback, in black/white and consistently looked as if it would characteristic precisely sixty four pages, no matter what topic. The books have been first produced in 1974 and have been published at a time, often 4 a 12 months. a complete of 28 are recognized. They have been released via Patrick Stephens Ltd.

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The upper classes hoped for sons to increase the family's fame, by winning consulships, magistracies, and military commands. GIRLS Through marriage, girls could help to make alliances with other influential families. Augustus married his daughter, Julia, to three different husbands for political reasons. Unlike boys, girls had to be provided with money, called a dowry, when they married. 48 Clothes and fashion Roman men and women both wore a tunic as their basic item of clothing. This usually consisted of two rectangular pieces of woven woollen cloth joined at the shoulders.

The Romans used arches for the outer walls of theatres and amphitheatres. They also built triumphal arches, decorative gateways serving as victory monuments. This is the Arch of Titus in Rome, the oldest surviving triumphal arch, built in ad 81. architecture Inscription commemorates Emperors Titus and Vespasian 39 GREEK COLUMNS ≤ Man-powered Crane The Romans used man-powered cranes to lift heavy building materials, as can be seen in this tomb carving belonging to a family who may have worked as building contractors.

This large, open-air natatio ("swimming pool") was part of the imperial bath complex built by Emperor Hadrian in ad 127 at Lepcis Magna, in North Africa. Today the pool’s water is green with algae and no longer fit to swim in, but in Roman times there was a constant flow of water through the pool, which kept it clean. The old water flowed out to other parts of the bath complex, while clean, bath houses fresh water flowed in. LIBRARIES AND BOOKS Libraries were invented by the Greeks, and the earliest Roman examples were modelled on famous Greek libraries at Pergamum and Alexandria.

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