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By JoeAnn Hart

ISBN-10: 0316005681

ISBN-13: 9780316005685

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Her mother sniffed good-bye, and Vita stood for a moment listening to the dial tone and contemplating her lie. She didn’t have to work that night—they’d had a late brunch buffet at the Club instead of Sunday dinner—but she just couldn’t bear the thought of sitting in that apartment with her mother armed with a fresh batch of photos from the cousins. All those babies, and none of them hers. How could Vita tell her that it was okay, that this was where she wanted to be, in the kitchen, where she could begin again, day after day, with every new meal?

Of course, there was another view. There was always another view. Gerard reflected sourly on the mess behind the club-house, with its kitchen Dumpster, employee parking lot, and mismatched tangle of aluminum utility sheds. A macadam drive led unceremoniously to the service entrance on the frontage road, and there, on the other side of the ivy-covered walls, lay the cheap housing and storage facilities where the city’s workers and materials were incubated. He was loathe to admit it, but he lived out there—if it could be said that he lived anywhere outside his office—in a complex that was more penal colony than apartment.

While she talked with Vita, reminding her to include herbal tea packets on the tray, Arietta leafed through the book’s brittle pages with care. She looked up and mouthed the words “lemon squares” to Madeline, who repeated them to Vita, who assured her they were already on the tray. After Madeline hung up, she turned and leaned against the Puritan oak library table. ” Madeline gazed out the diamond panes of the casement window. She’d watched Nina grow up at the Club and was fond of her, even though you could have fit her brain in a teacup.

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