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The annotation aims chiefly at clarifying difficult passages, identifying individuals and place names, and discussing textual difficulties. Much leeway has been left to the translators to include in the footnotes whatever they consider necessary and helpful. The bibliographies list all the sources mentioned in the annotation. The index in each volume contains all the names of persons and places referred to in the text, as well as those mentioned in the notes as far as they refer to the medieval period.

See immediately below and also Morony, Iraq, 193.  In Arabic, al-Matn; a variant reading has the sword called al-Matin, which means the same.  XIV, 44.  DCXIX, suggests reading Abu Qurrah; this is confirmed by Waki`, Akhbar al-qudat, II, 397.  Shahriyar fled.  They laid siege to Bahurasir, bombarding its people with catapults, closing in on them with armoured siege devices and fighting them with all available gear.  Shurayh. [2428] al-Harithihis father: The Muslims descended upon Bahurasir. 29 Then Sa`d asked Shirazadh to build cata- pults, so he set up twenty such devices against the people of Bahurasir; in this way they kept them busy.

One of Sayf's heroes, al-Qa`qa`b. `Amr, leads 1,000 of them to a particular spot, divides his riders into units of ten, and sends them into the fray. These tens, according to the account, make all the difference, and the Muslims, thus "reinforced," carry the day. One may wonder, then, why the entire force of one thousand was not ordered to attack all at once? The overall outcome of the battle of al-Qadisiyyah could have been decided then and there. But no, it had to be achieved at the hands of units of ten.

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