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By Ian C. Storey, Arlene Allan

ISBN-10: 1405102152

ISBN-13: 9781405102155

This Blackwell advisor introduces historic Greek drama, which flourished mostly in Athens from the 6th century BC to the 3rd century BC.
• A broad-ranging and systematically organised creation to old Greek drama.
• Discusses all 3 genres of Greek drama – tragedy, comedy, and satyr play.
• presents overviews of the 5 surviving playwrights – Aeschylus, Sophokles, Euripides, Aristophanes, and Menander, and short entries on misplaced playwrights.
• Covers contextual matters resembling: the origins of dramatic artwork kinds; the conventions of the fairs and the theatre; the connection among drama and the worship of Dionysos; the political measurement; and the way to learn and watch Greek drama.
• contains forty six one-page synopses of every of the surviving plays.

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One’s first reaction on hearing the name “Dionysos,” or even more so with “Bacchos,” one of his titles, is to imagine a god of wine and unrestrained revelry. In Mozart’s opera, The Abduction from the Seraglio, Pedrillo and Osmin sing a boisterous drinkingsong, “Vivat Bacchus! ”), which sums up well the prevalent modern attitude to him. But Dionysos is far more than a god of wine and the unrestrained party, he is an elemental force in the life of creation. In Bacchae Teiresias considers him as the principle of the “wet,” as opposed to the “dry” of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, and he is very much a god of the liquid life force, not just the grape and wine, but of all plants (his titles include dendrites, “of trees,” and anthios, “of flowers”) and of the life force of animals.

After all, putting on a play or group of plays would be a task of several months and would involve “hands on” training of the actors and chorus. A poet or director would need to have recompense for the time required to stage the production. Again this raises the question of the extent to which drama was “political” in that it was sponsored by the state. Drama and Dionysos “Religion” is probably not the best word to use when referring to the beliefs and worship of the ancient Greeks. To the modern ear the word conjures up organized systems of formal rituals and creeds, a hierarchy of officials (“hierarchy” means literally “rule of the sacred”), or the sort of entry one checks off (or not) on a census form.

Its origins are traditionally assigned to the formal worship of the god Dionysos. Plays were produced as part of the festivals in honor of Dionysos, when the normal life of the city stopped and the life of carnival took over. ” Lucian (Fisherman 14) has Philosophy demonstrate to her devotees that she at least can take a joke: You got hot and bothered because someone was being rude to you? And yet you know that although Comedy treats me badly at the Dionysia, I still consider her a close friend.

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