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By Roger S. Gottlieb

ISBN-10: 0195176480

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In a time of darkening environmental customers, scary spiritual fundamentalism, and moribund liberalism, the outstanding and traditionally extraordinary upward thrust of spiritual environmentalism is a profound resource of wish. Theologians are convalescing nature-honoring components of conventional religions and forging daring new theologies connecting devotion to God and non secular fact with love for God's production and take care of the Earth. and non secular humans through the global are remodeling the that means in their faiths within the face of the environmental concern. The successes and value ofreligious environmentalism are appear in statements by means of leaders of just about all of the world's religions, in new and "green" prayers and rituals, and in refined criticisms of contemporary society's financial system, politics, and tradition. From the Evangelical Environmental community to the Buddhist best minister of Mongolia, the nationwide Council of church buildings to tree-planting campaigns in Zimbabwe, non secular environmentalism has turn into a strong portion of the area environmental move.

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And is this gift like a priceless violin, or like a handy throwaway camera? It is not clear that anything in the idea of stewardship alone will answer such questions, especially when they are pointedly applied to, for a start, suburban sprawl, automobile use, pesticides, genetic engineering, or commercial fishing. And this is not to mention what responsible stewardship means in relation to population, especially now that we have pretty clearly “filled the earth” already! In a clear example of this problem, many nineteenth-century Protestant industrialists saw the vast American wilderness as both a sign of God’s greatness and as something to be developed for human ends.

Getting a rational and moral sense of what is responsible treatment of the earth depends on our getting a responsible and moral sense of what it means to be human and of how we ought to treat each other as well as the rest of the earth. Religion, Nature, Environment m 31 Yet, even on their own terms, and even as a beginning rather than an end to the conversation, these new readings of ancient religious texts are very important. Human culture does not make decisive changes easily, and no change as profound as that necessary to deal with the environmental crisis can be envisaged without using resources from past cultural traditions.

What Green and Waskow have done is extend this concept to environmental matters. Waskow asks, “Is it ‘kosher’ to drive an SUV? What would happen if our rabbis said in sermons that an SUV is no more kosher than a ham sandwich, and a lot more destructive to the earth and humankind? ”62 Art Green has suggested that vegetarianism may be a “kashrut for our age,” for which there are reasons “just as compelling . . ” For Green, these reasons include factory farming’s disastrous ecological consequences, inherent cruelty, and effects on human health.

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